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Solved For Me: Connecting Problems With Friends


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Hello people,



My english isn't my first language, so I hope I can make myself clear enough for you to read and understand. I write this in the hopes it will help others with the connecting problems (while DE tries to find a solution to this 7% popullation problem):



Background info:

My friends and I are a small group of people who play regularly on warframe and other games. We ran into several connecting problems lately (we have no clue where the problem started because we quitted warframe for a while and all moved in the meantime -.-' or did not play this awesome game yet )


The first problem we ran into:

In warframe we found the problem that I could only host games (mostly caused by a strict nat). Different routers and modems did not accept friends whatever changes i tried in my router/modem/pc. I tried re-installing windows, warframe, router firmware etc.. I was desperate to get this working for this awesome game, I even got myself around port forwarding. Nothing worked what I tried (even made a forum post about it not long ago).


Our temporary solution:

While I was online there where no problems, only I HAD TO host for it to work, relogging to other accounts for use of the void keys was something we all accepted and did.


More problems showed up:

On an evening I was not around, my friends tried connecting to each other.. major problems followed, it did not work as intended. Some could not host or join the other. They have tried a lot of things as well, like trying the router settings, re-installing etc. Nothing changed the fact that most of the friends could not form a group without me.


Our solution:

After a lot of thinking, I thought I found a solution. We tried port forwarding on ALL computers, strangely this works like a charm. We could connect without any problems of who was the host! We had no lag anymore when playing together! We could even see the different colored pressure plates in the void properly which never worked before (might be just luck for the plates, only saw the room once in the tested runs)..


To be exact:

We did the following on ALL computers where Warframe is played on:

We port forwarded ports: 80, 443, 3960 and 3962

Upnp: enabled (in router/modem and in Warframe)

(Warframe options: use ports 3960 and 3962 (kind of duh))


Port forwarding info:

For specific routers:


For port forwarding you need to have a static IP, or set the lease time to unlimited.. otherwhise you gotta do it every darn time again.



This helped my friends and I a lot to enjoy the game more again, the orokin runs are no longer a pain in the *** with the relogging all the time. I really hope it can fix some of the problems people have in this game!



Greetings from kaaskop


Edit/PS: My friends and I where getting all sorts of messages by analyse network (strict nat, systems nominal, need port forwarding, we had the lot of them) and also by joining (group full, could not join, time-outs)

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