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Lag Is Too Much!


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As mentioned you need to configure your options correctly.


When i use the ping limit of 100 i see little to no connection lag, and the occasional FPS lagging. If i turn it off (due to time of the day or that no-one playing the maps i want is in my region) i change them, this gives me a noticeable increase in connection lag. This leads me to believe it is working as intended.


Playing with friends, i assume this means people physically located close to you? this doesn't guarantee a lag free experience ,there are a myriad of things that can be wrong, many of which are unrelated to the game itself.


You could run pings and tracerts if they give you their IP to see what the established connection is like outside of the game.

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Ping limit doesn't help very much. It's the host's upload connection speed that make games lag, or not.

You need at least 1 Mbit/s upstream to host most games fine. Very few people own such a connection.

If you always play with your friends, and they all have a low/medium upload bandwidth, you will never

experience a single smooth match.


Ping limit is rather useless because the measurements often take place in a situation where the host has

zero/low upload requirements (game lobby, in game non fighting situation...).

So you connect to a lobby and the ping is fine, game starts, fight begins and host's upload capacity reach

the limit. Now the latency goes up into the sky (thousands of ms) ---> game lags horrible.


As long as DE doesn't give as the tools to determine who is host/client, we can do little nothing about that.

Apart from upgrading our own connection, if possible. Though you still have to deal with low bandwidth hosts,

as a client.

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Don't blame DE then, you know the reason.

I'm not saying it's necessarily their fault. I'm just saying something needs to be done. If they're not going to buy servers at least make it so the game selects the best host for everyone (some compromises I'm sure for some players) in the lobby.

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