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Warframe isn't meant to be "challenging".

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warframe currently needs to tuned town nukes since they take down too much space since most of the games is about killing lots of mobs really quickly and most of the normal frames are kinda weak since why would you use things like oberon while you can use mesa or saryn 

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23 hours ago, SenorClipClop said:

However, there is a good deal of sense in people asking for challenge. I think the core of the issue is that people don't want this game to be the complete opposite of challenging: effortless. If we can stand in one spot and push a couple of buttons to satisfy the win condition of an elite mission with virtually no chance of failure, then why bother? A effortless victory does't feel earned or satisfying

Spot on.

I would add to that that some people that want a sense of challenge ( me included ) also suffer from the "I'm all dressed up and no where to go" syndrome.

That is to say, we grind our way to get top notch gear, optimize, min max, but then there's nothing really to do with any of that. Pretty much all content in game can be done with below average loadouts, strategy, and not much player skill even required.

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