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Seer Pistol Bug


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Just a heads up, I have done the Captain Vor mission at least 40 times+ now and the barrel for the seer pistol ---->NEVER<----  drops. You would think after a few tries you would be able to get both parts. I got the blueprint, did a run or two got the reciever ,but, I NEVER GET THE BARREL, wtf. So to who ever fixes these kinda things a heads up and please FIX IT, thx.

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cant help but feel like this is another case of "bambi didnt get something yet and resorts to calling it broken and complaining on the forum".

also cant help but feel like the 40+ is a bit of an exaggeration.

that said, rng being what it is, is is entirely possible to run him 100 times and still not get what you want... very very unlikely, but still possible.


in short:

i think your exaggerating.

rng is rng.

keep running him.

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I farmed sargad ruk over 20 times and didn't get a single blueprint, j3 gollem i beat like 70 times to get all three different blueprints. They changed this a few days ago, now you will always get a reward blueprint. Which is a good thing and a bad thing...

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