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DE Please Try to Tweak the Profanity Filter for Naming Companions.

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Posted (edited)

Just leveled my new Moa and decided on the perfect name: Picassowary.

Why? Well a cassowar is a very vicious bird and Picasso was a famous artist. Combine the two and you get a bird who has mastered the art of fighting: Picassowary.

Except one thing, I can't name it that because it's detected as profanity. So please, if possible DE, tweak the profanity filter and maybe make it less restrictive. I don't know if it detects profanity in other languages or what but it's pretty frustrating to have the 1 name I want for my Moa to be blocked when it has no profanity in it (to my knowledge).

EDIT: Oh Picasso. Took me a while to notice that lol. Yeah DE you gotta work on your filter. Which is silly enough because there are far more inappropriate voice lines in the game but the name of an artist is not allowed. In an M rated game.

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Posted (edited)

It's because "ass" is part of the name.

The profanity filter is way too sensitive. I understand not wanting to name your pets after bigoted slurs or hard curse words (ex. F**khead), but blocking a name because it happens to unintentionally contain profanity is a little excessive.

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Don't expect it to be changed anytime soon... we've been on about this since PoE

You can't (don't think it's been changed) even use Balla (you can use bala) in the name even though it's an actual zaw part...

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1 minute ago, DarkRuler2500 said:

Then the weapon Cassowar ought to be renamed asap.
Cannot stand this name, its insulting. :clem:


1 minute ago, LegendaryNeurotoxin said:

Ohhhhhhh.... yeah ass isn't so bad, doesn't Little Duck drop an S-bomb? 

I thought this post was gonna request a crackdown on truly offensive names that evade the filter. 

That's not even the worst it gets. We got Kuva Liches out here saying they're going to hammer our reproductive organs. I'm getting tired of DE's standards tbh.

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vor 56 Minuten schrieb WarriorSoundwave:


That's not even the worst it gets. We got Kuva Liches out here saying they're going to hammer our reproductive organs. I'm getting tired of DE's standards tbh.

You compare two different things here tho, you compare ingame swearing vs people who insult peopel in real life in chat, why it's often so confusing to handle it aswell.

Ingame it is for the story often even if it is inappropriate, but do such in chat to real people it is a different story. Same goes for weapon naming simply, seeing how people abuse such to make odd names ot insult people on purpose.

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Basic information

Third Person Sci-fi Shooter
Free To Play
Release Date
Microsoft Windows · October 25, 2012 (Closed Beta) · March 25, 2013 (Open Beta) · PlayStation 4 · November 15, 2013 · Xbox One · September 2, 2014 · Nintendo Switch · November 20, 2018
ESRB Rating
Mature 17+
ESRB is Mature 17+, all of the in game content stays well within that guideline.
Honestly, I doubt they really give a rip about minor swear words and the like either, and it's not really some kind of intentional double standard.  The thing that makes stuff like this come up is the utter lack of ability for the automated filters designed to weed out the worst of the internet to see context, which unfortunately keeps it from doing it's job because you most likely won't be able to name your moa "Robot Assassin"(boring, but reasonable enough), but can almost certainly name is "Robutt Twoarsein"(I dunno, it's not like I've tried), which is precisely the kind of crap these filters were meant to prevent.
A little more effort to make it work the way it should would be appreciated.
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