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Frost Prime Regluar Helmet?


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yeah, but i comes from the first available version of the game, and until today, they don't fixed it

Frost Prime wasn't in the first version of the game...


Either way there are still far more important issues than the representational image of a single Warframes' default helmet: Armour 2.0, new content, bug fixes, and the ever eternal list of things that all F2Ps must contend with in order to survive.

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Post this again in the UI bugs section.


As it is technically a bug.


Just placeholder images, there's a lot more important things to work on.

This stuff is done by underlings, serious changes are done by the head devs (Steve and the other guy).


In the bug section I've seen at least 3 different DE devs that reply and fix stuff but don't have a "name" and a "face" in Livestreams (i.e. are underlings).

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