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Saryn + Glaive?



I'm sure this question gets asked all the time, but I haven't really seen any concrete answer to this question; searching it I'm conflicted with 2 polar opposite answers


Does Glaive benefit from Contagion via charged attack?


If not, then I'm most likely going to move on to something else instead of using a potato on it :P



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Not sure why the wiki says it doesn't work. Either the one who stated that it doesn't tested on weak enemies (dying too fast and therefore only the elemental or base damage showed), or somehow I'm doing this magically. I vote for the former.


No Contagion




Contagion On - Notice the two numbers, as well as the poison effect on the Ancient. Also, the poison damage is doing more than the regular damage because I have Blind Rage at +54%. Doing the calculation given in the wiki, I get 169.5% poison damage, and further calculations show that it's the right numbers.




Here are some further texts under the break


Without Contagion against light infested


If you look closely, you'll see that I did about 1500 damage. That's only the base damage (with charge damage mods, but no elementals).


With Contagion


On the other hand, here you see I actually deal LESS damage with Contagion, 890 to be exact (the two numbers are because my Glaive pierced through and hit a second infested). The enemies still died by it. The reason it showed less damage is because the poison elemental damage (890) was enough to kill the infested, so the base damage didn't show up in numbers. That might be one of the reasons why people thought it didn't work on the Glaive.

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