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Do You Just Revieve The Reward Shown At The Interval, Or The Interval And Every One Previous?


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I posted a suggestion concerning survival a few hours ago.

It was about being able to lock the reward you get offered at the five minute interval, and have that be your set reward regardless of how long you play and what else you're offered.  This was because I was kinda robbed of a Shotgun mutation mod because I couldn't leave at the interval because my team didn't want to.


I got a lot of responses saying "Don't you get all of the mods offered before too?".

So, I went and checked my mod stash. No shotgun mutation.

I'm confused.


Do I only get the reward offered at the particular interval (Eg, offered parry at ten mins, leave and only get parry as reward)

Or do I also get all previous offers (Eg, five mins= credits ten mins=parry fifteen=void key twenty=shotgun mutation and get every single reward).

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I'm pretty sure survival rewards stack now?


Check your screen at the end and make sure you really aren't getting everything, if you aren't then it's a bug, and you should submit a ticket.


Edit: Try going through your mods page, and try to find it there, I've had mods that don't appear at the end of mission screen before, but they usually still showed up there.

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Oh, that's rather depressing then.

Wonder why I didn't get the mutation mod.

Hmm... Maybe I'm just blind.

Thanks, anyway.


Check in your mods one more time just to be sure.


If it's still not there, then it could be one of those recurring issues I hear about when you're a client, playing survival. There are cases where I didn't get the void key at 15 minutes, even though my friend (the host) got it. This may happen to certain mods that should have stacked.


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Its a current Bug with Survival. Lots of people have been complaining about it recently. Just send in a support ticket and wait for them to give it to you. The Bug happens so far From what ive seen on revives when you not Host, Sometimes randomly? as in full extract as a team see the Bonus screen and recieve nothing. Im sure there are actually cases for why this is but the only garenteed way ive managed to repro this bug is on revives but it can happen for other reasons apparently as well

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