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Update 10.4.0


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BALLISTICA: Dual firing crossbow available now!


A one-handed crossbow featuring a unique dual-firing mechanism, the Ballistica allows you to choose between a four bolt volley or a deadly accurate charged shot. As it is a secondary weapon, the Ballistica can be paired with the Paris compound bow for a lethal load out. Take aim and pin your enemy to the wall!


-Added animations  for Gauntlet style weapon Charge Attacks.



- New overall less-bouncy camera collision that also now ignores Sentinels colliding to create unwanted shake.

- You can no longer re-purchase reusable recipes that you already own.
- Corrupted Mod that had a negative recoil affect has been changed to a "damage spread increase"* negative affect to account for 0 recoil weapons not having a negative consequence.
- UI tweaks when viewing friend’s profiles.

- Minor improvements to usability of Mods and loadouts

* Since some Sentinel weapons use pistol Mods, we now perform a check to ensure you aren't using the same mods on your pistol and Sentinel weapon

* We now only hide duplicates of level 0 Mods; players may want to pick one level 9 Mod over the other (to avoid the nag screen when exiting the loadout)

- Volt's Speed boost won't affect other player's FOV
- Changes to logic of Mod “auto-resolve” feature. Equips best Mod of equal or lesser fusion rather than first Mod of equal or lesser fusion.
- No longer allow Conclave in Solo mode.
- Corpus Tech enemy now gives more XP.
- Can no longer deal parry-reflection damage when AFK
- Prevent Healing Ancient from emitting healing pulses while ragdolled (pulses would look like they were coming from the wrong spot).
- Added more of a visual indicator on Saryn’s Contagion.
- Changed Ignis’s default colour to represent realistic fire, not white flames.
- Tweaks to Foundry UI sounds.

- Small performance improvements to Volt's overload, was creating a lot of particles/unneeded scripts in a single frame
- Optimization to use of Runtime Tesselation, objects that were out of sight or in shadow do not need this option. Should improve performance.
- Multiple translations added.



- Fix for Arsenal Weapon accuracy not updating when equipping mods which change accuracy
- Fix for issues when players joining sessions from friend list would result in a “double-join”
- Fix for damage numbers not being shown on frozen enemies, and damage against frozen enemies not being tracked in stats.
- Fix for Ash "power in use" bug when using "Teleport" on defense target.
- Fix for being able to escape Golem boss arena with Loki or Nova when mission is in progress.
- Fixes for UI formatting in Turkish language.
- Fix for Infested Ancient death burst FX not showing on clients.
- Fix for after killing your opponent in a duel, there is a brief moment where you receive a revive context action
- Fix for Orthos Prime appearing on Dakra Prime blueprint.
- Fix for Conclave team assignment not respecting user choices for teams.
- Fix for nodes that did not lead to a proper mission.
- Fix for getting stuck in a charge animation if meleeing off an edge/corner/Mount Doom.
- Fix for Infested chargers not disintegrating on client.
- Fix for enemies disappearing on Client screen when killed by armor piercing damage.

- Fixed issues where Vaults would sometimes not appear in Derelicts.
- Fix for Lotus Defense mission transmissions not appearing in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

- Multiple Crash and freeze fixes.


*This is an accuracy reduction as the projectiles spread further from target.

Edited by DERebecca
Added * for clarity.
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Thank you! Crossbow!


Some reports from my clan with the update

-few report Ballistica bp and mats disappearing at crafting (solved itself...)

-sound bug-distorted or missing sounds(solved hardware issue)

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- Corrupted Mod that had a negative recoil affect has been changed to a "damage spread increase" negative affect to account for 0 recoil weapons not having a negative consequence.



Does this mean that weapons will no longer have pinpoint accuracy instead of recoiling? If so...that is a really...really...really bad choice....if this wording just means that it adds recoil to recoil-less weapons....Thats fine

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