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Twin Ballisticas


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Havnt you seen how big that thing is?!?!?! how on earth would it reload?! and that would be like having 2 snipers, that shoot 8-24 bullet per click (multishot and lethal torrent how i got to 24)


Do you guys truly think this is right? or are you just talking out our butts simply because this new weapon is one handed and you dare not keep your other hand naked.


and Prime?!?! Seriously?! now you wanna see a stronger version of this weapon that would completely shatter the point of the first one?? Less then 5 hours after its been released?!?!

*Commits Seppuku*

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Now gameplay wise, to avoid it being overly-broken, there are a few things that could be changed:

-Lower damage output per arrow

-Decrease accuracy

-Decrease critical rate slightly

-Increase recoil slightly from consecutive firing



-Instead of shooting 8 arrows at once, which would not be the case (The Akboltos and every other Dual weapon doesn't fire BOTH guns simultaneously, even the rapid-fire ones, if you slow down the bullet action to super-slowmo), the fire rate would be increased greatly, giving a similar feel.

-Increased ammo pool and magazine clip

-Charged Shots fire both guns at the same time



So there you go, no glass-breaking of the gameplay mechanics. :L

and this is a very superb idea,

Why wouldn't you want Twin Quad-Fire Crossbows?

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