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Twin Gremlins 0.000000000000001% Chance To Drop?


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I'm having trouble figuring out what this thread is about, and why it belongs in General Discussion.

The rage over the lack of a safety net or a progression based system for eventually unlocking weapons/items/mods when luck firmly bends you right over the table and does unpleasant things behind you. You know, systems that would keep people from having fits of rage over DEs chosen drop rates or mistakes in those drop rates.

Hide drop tables would not be an issue if there was a progression based safety net. Just saying.

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Hypothesis: If you were intended to farm Miter, you will get Gremlins. In contrast, if you were intended to farm Gremlins, you will eventually get Miter.

Conclusion: Change your intention lol...

I can say this theory is wrong. I got on my first try of Iliad and was pleasantly surprised because I rushed though Phobos and it's hive of Hellions, and this was when pink orbs dropped.

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