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Prime loot not showing in my game


i recentley linkt a twitch prime acc with my warframe acc, once i managed to finally get it and claim the items, none of them are showing up in my game, i already unlinkt and linkt again my acc back with twitch and nothing is happening, could someone help me?

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I have been having this problem too the first time I linked my Twitch account.
So theres 3 kind of reward from linking Twitch Account with Warframe Account (This also applies with Mixer)

#1 So first is, the linking reward, by linking your Twitch to Warframe Account you will get Broca Prominence Syandana.

Sometimes it wont let you know if you got it into your inventory, people says you can link and unlink then link again, but more importantly try checking your arsenal or inventory after you Relogin. 


#2 The Second is, Twitch Prime Loot, if you have amazon prime or prime video you can access Twitch Prime, and get exclusive rewards every month or from the last month, again THIS REWARD SOMETIMES NOT ANNOUNCED by the game inbox, its just there, suddenly in your inventory, try RELOGIN and Check your inventorye0f0bff648f0617c20997aba7772f344.png


#3 And the last on is Twitch Drop you can get this by watching warframe official stream on Twitch or Mixer, with minimum 30 minutes and you will get that day drop, these rewards are vary can be a decoration, a prime warframe (tennocon 2019) & (Tennocon 2020 im looking at you), or a mere ducats just like this week Twitch drops. THIS REWARD will be shown through your INBOX from Teshin to indicate you get the reward just like any invasion drop you get in game.



I hope this help Tenno ^^

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