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​💜​​ InfernalSnail`s Pet Shop ​💜​​​ Ultra Rare Kavats

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200.gif                                                    Hello there, Tenno!                                                      200.gif

Are you looking for a cool-looking pet that will be your company at any mission? You came to the right place! 

You can contact me here/in the game or in discord: Infernal_Snail ♡#6224
I have a lot more other cats so if you are looking for specific solid color you can just ask here :3
Prices are negotiable and bulk deals available. Feel free to offer rivens/arcanes/prime mods/warframes of the same value as a pet that you want to buy!

Looking to sell instead of buying? I have a huge WTB list that you can check out  >right here<










Need pictures from actual missions or capturas? Send me a message! I will provide you lots of pics of a specific cat that you want to buy :3

Have questions about breeding in generaI? Feel free to contact me! I will try to answer on any of your questions! 

*Note for beginners: Armor that is used on the pictures called "Saraba Armor" and it is purchasable in the shop for 90 platinum. The best one in my opinion!

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