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Petition to change [War] main dps from impact to slash

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Image: The stats of [Broken war] on the left side and [War] on the right side. 

Recently, Broken war receive a buff which make it become one of the best one hand sword in this game right now. 
If we take a look at [Broken War] (on the left side) which is the requisite ingredient for crafting [War], we will see that the damage distribution of [Broken War] have slash as main IPS damage. However, contrary to [Broken War], the damage distribution of [War] (on the right side) have impact as main IPS damage instead, so I think that [War] damage distribution should have slash as main IPS damage instead of impact. 

Also, I think that [War] which is like an upgrade version of [Broken war] should have equal or higher critical chance than [Broken War] as well 

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Both swords have been in the game for years it’s seems already and DE hasn’t changed them yet so they aren’t likely to change them now. Also, DE never responds to “petition” posts.

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vor 2 Minuten schrieb Xylena_Lazarow:

The War is already plenty strong, as are all non-beginner Heavy Blades. It would be better to make impact damage not garbage.

This here.

Besides we have so many slash weapons, including already enough heavy blades.

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Slash is only strong because it ignores armor scaling. They either need to remove armor scaling completely while buffing Grineer Health or readjust their damage reduction formula so Slash isn't the only thing that can deal with armor scaling.

Instead of reworking the status procs over and over, we need Armor 2.0.


Damage Reduction = Net Armor / (Net Armor +300)

To something like:

Damage Reduction = Net Armor / (Net Armor + 300 + *Base Puncture of Weapon*(1+%Puncture mods))

The flat +50% damage and 50% armor ignore Puncture has against Ferrite right now doesn't scale very well. If Puncture Damage itself scaled with armor mitigation, it would allow slow firing precision weapons that can't stack status to scale a bit better. It also makes more sense that armor would resist small arms fire more than something like the Opticor. 

Could anyone imagine the Opticor was actually good against armor without Hunter Munitions RNGesus?


Slash>>>Puncture against armor for years, yet the UI still says Puncture is "most effective against armor". Puncture loses to Slash procs against Heavy Gunners as early as level 40s and in the Steel Path, Puncture Damage just tickles the Grineer. The disparity of balance between IPS should have been the first thing to look over before nerfing Corrosive and Gas.

Impact needs to lose the demerits against Flesh. Maybe give us +60%crit chance bonus x impact procs (additive with Blood Rush) against impact procced enemies. (That would be disgusting on Prisma Gorgon with Hunter Munitions.)

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