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Unable To Upgrade Mod Card


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I currently have both an Ether Reaper and a Fragor, both of which are at level 30 and the Reaper is potatoed. I'm trying to upgrade the charge damage mod card, Killing Blow, beyond the second level, but I keep getting the response that the upgrade will exceed the mod capacity of the Fragor, which I don't even have this mod installed on.


I tried removing all mods from both weapons, relogging, and placing the mod card on both with nothing else, as well as any variation thereof, and I still continue to get this message.


As far as I can tell, this is the only mod card I've had this problem with, but it's possible there are just some I haven't tried yet.


Has anyone else had a similar problem/found any sort of solution?



Edit: You guys, just sitting over here, fixing all my problem. I didn't even remember setting up a different page, but lo and behold. Thanks a ton

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