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Steel Path Builds for your favorite frame!

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I have reached saturn by predominantly using Vauban. 

His kit is excellent for steel path with the right builds. 

1 with tesla bank augment for Hella sustained damage, there were always 4 around. 

His 2 for whatever suits the mission ( the nail gun bomb and the overdrive are what I commonly use, with speed pad for defections, tether is less common and niche) 

His 3 when I want to blind allies... I mean kill bunch of things that are not in melee range not commonly used but it has its use. 

4 The best CC and debuff ability in his kit, bastille for Grineer to strip all armor and vortex for corpus for those magnetic procs, since the bastille collapses into vortex I don't have to worry about killing the enemies individually. 

The build itself is not overly complex. 

High duration, baseline efficiency (with p flow and energise) , high range and strength with umbral mods and tesla bank augment. Energy siphon for that little bit extra convenience. 

Simple strategy,

start mission and have the tesla coils out and about. 

Use bastille to give self armor and some additional survivability while stripping enemies or keeping them at bay. 

Collapse bastille after 10 or so seconds seconds (I have armor strip at above 10% rate) Grineer will have been stripped and corpus will now be getting magnetic procs, 

Use status heavy primary to get lots of status on the vortex enemies (punch though and aoe weapons work wonders)

Get kills with Crit heavy melee with CO, 

Paired with overdrive and vaubans passive I do respectable damage. 

Really very effective, the only mission I had issues solo were hijack, that got easily overcome with minor change in strategy and loadout (shield pizza actually used? Absurd) 

I tried using other frames and weapons and though they are still able to finish it I think I have found the perfect steel frame for my playstyle. 

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Exterminate, Defs, mobile, interception, capture, and excavation is just Rev.

Spy mission, just wukong that is all.


Reason why I said rev do great job with all those 5 type of mission I made a build that control whole bunch of enemies and I can survived long enough to deal with the hoards of enemies rolling in and they can fight themselves.  I simply use high durability without corruption mods so you'll get about good 1 min possessing whole bunch of minions while it infected the other enemies as well I never put any strength build for just simple high durability for it just made things easy peas-y.  Survival for Rev sure he can but problem is low oxygen tank too fast in steel path if you don't have a group of ppl.

Spy mission for wukong is just that you focus on strength and then use cloud walk for you'll be zooming and moving around.  That is it that is all too it for no need corruption mods.


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Ive done pretty much all of it so far with protea. You litterally just need a weapon thats good for proccing viral on groups and nothing else. Having a good gun on top of that to speed things up but ive done the majority of my time with a level 15, 0 forma, ignis wraith. My secondary is a secura cestra with corrosive and huuuge multishot from a riven.

For things that require more finesse, or are status immune, I just have a beefed out redeemer prime.

Only mission I really struggled with so far was kuva defense because of how much stuff blocks turret LoS but I swapped to grendle and it was no problem.

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3 hours ago, Felsagger said:

I struggled a lot with that idea in my build. Seems that I had a mental lapse there. I'll switch and see if that makes a difference. I think it most. 1440 of health seems enough for Steel path. 

Not that you asked. But here is how I run my bae. Maybe give you some ideas. Not 100% sold on P Vigor. But when I get my second umbra form I’ll have more room to play around with that slot. 



I run her faction specific and for survivability. 
 And then my little #1 bud Taxon and Artax on top with those sweet cold procs and those over shields. So tasty. 




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Might be kinda late to the party on this, but i've just been messing around and running valkyr, havent run in to any dps or survivability problems yet. Besides the great raw dmg stats and insane crit chance on hysteria her 3rd opens up a chance to use finishers.







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