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Why A 4 Man Squad: Rush Vs. Loot


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Something I've often pondered but not seen answered in any way,


Why a four player squad in a game where so many decisions can "split the vote"?


Especially when the in-game forms of communication are so lacking?


My own experience with public games and the frustration of trying to discuss strategy led me to realize there are two ways to go in the "Rush vs. Loot" dilemma.


Go with the flow when everyone else books it or risk getting left behind, often sacrificing the mission bonus in XP & credits if your the only looting. Possibly finding more rewards in material, often not..


So instead of worrying about all of that at the time I formed my own Clan. We communicate & cooperate a lot better than I could have ever expected and for that I am grateful, and humbled.


Not everyone is going to be so lucky, of that I'm certain!


So to get back to the original question: Why FOUR?


Why not FIVE? Bears some thinking, I believe.


I remember some time ago I saw in a livestream some of the Devs saying they'd prefer it if people rushed less. Even though there are so many ways to rush worked into the game the Devs wouldn't make changes to the game to force people to slow down and smell the roses. I mean we all know the level & art designers put a lot of work into what they do! Many loot rooms and alternate paths are added to the game that the average uninformed rusher would miss.


This is why I've often wondered why such a simple idea, at least in theory, wasn't brought up before.


Maybe it has and I haven't seen it, sure.


Maybe the logistics & balance of the game would make adding a fifth player completely infeasible, maybe not.


The only dumb question is the one not asked.


Any constructive criticism or thoughts are welcome.

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According to my experience, Latency also become the main reason for ppl to rush. Because of P2P connection system, some ppl get heavier ping than other player, which make them didn't care for anything aside from completing mission->get reward->join->hoping for less laging host because everyone around him does moonwalk all the times. Basically everything is downright sucks because of this, you have to wait for like 10 second to loot everything from 1 locker, your damage took soo long to register, sometimes you become invisible (they waste everything to you but you don't even get a dent) or died for unknown reason.


Maybe for you yankees, this problem rarely occur but outside US it's happening to 8 out of 10 games.

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@Barzah Funny thing is, in my experience, a lot of the lag is relative. Half the guys I usually run with are spread out over Europe from the UK to Turkey, with a few as far south of the Equator as Africa. Right now I've got worse ping than most.


@Destro6677 I did not know that about the engine, but it does stand to reason. Shame really, with some work on that and/or a more dedicated server system option than the P2p as I've seen suggested on these forums a lot of this would be alleviated.

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^ Yes, that is true.


The devs have also publicly stated that the engine cannot handle more than 4 players and the enemies.


A better question would be 'why not have an extract option?' so everyone can leave whenever they feel like it at evac.

Well, one reason against individual extraction is the whole host migration issue. That sorta needs to be resolved.


Another is pass/fail potential. If everyone extracts at once, that means that dying horribly is NOT the end of the world. If extractions are individual, death is the end. You lose. Game over. Better luck next time.


Also, team extraction encourages, y'know, teamwork. Not as much as it could, but at the very least, it's reasonable to make sure that someone else can possibly reach extraction when you do.


Otherwise, there's no reason NOT to rush it all, despite the fact it triggers spawns who can track back to your team that's already in combat, overwhelming and killing them. Why should you care? You'll extract without them anyway.


Imagine if rushers were rewarded for screwing over the team totally, with no wait required. =/

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