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The Synapse, Unique Buff Idea.


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The synapse may be very good with Volt's electric shield, but other than that it does not perform on the level it should based on the requirements of the weapon. Synapse is arguably the hardest primary to make, but it is by far, not the best. You may be thinking "But wait! Volt!" First of all, Volt's electric shield obstructs vision, making it harder to hit enemies, secondly, it just doesn't look good on him, and third, the ability costs allot of energy to cast, preventing it from being a continuous buff to the weapon.  


The Buff: Would add an AOE damage effect to the end of the beam, doing damage to enemies in this AOE. This buff would make sense because "Synapse" seems to damage enemies through... electric brain waves. A beam of this brain destroying energy would harm those nearby it.

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A chain animation would be hard to pull off, a solid AOE is better IMO.

A chain animation would be easy as balls to pull off. It's literally just drawing the electric zap between 2 enemies.

And for AoE we have other weapons, we've yet to have a chain lightning. It also fits better, thematically.

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