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The Cosmic Empire - Friendly new clan, recruiting

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Greetings Tenno

The Cosmic Empire is a new clan made by a group of 4 friends with decent knowledge of the game.
We've done a fair share of researches and finished most of the projects to be done in the labs (I've pretty much done it all myself so it's been a lil slow),
and we're currently looking for more players to join us.

We're a pretty casual clan and for now, we only want you to play and if you're a new player, feel free to join us and we will help you in your adventures.

~ There are no MR Requirements, all we want from you is to be active or let us know when you can't be.
~ Don't join just to beg, we're friendly enough to help you if you show the same respect.
~ Have Discord to stay up to date with what's going on (currently setting up a server)

Comment your ingame name below or message me on the forums or add me ingame if you're interested to join and I'll let you in.

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