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Azima secondary fire disc keeps gaining altitude!


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The magazine disc of the Azima that you can launch with its secondary fire keeps gaining altitude after being deployed instead of levitating at a fixed height.

I tried this with an unmodded Azima and an Azima modded for low fire rate and large magazine, which makes it obvious that this effect persists for the whole duration of the disc.

This bug appears in the Simulacrum and in actual missions.

According to this thread, apparently this bug was fixed on the PC version (?) but reappeared on the Switch (maybe other consoles, too if someone feels inclined to test this).

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As of May 9th 2021: can confirm it still happens on xbox one.

I've tried testing many different methods of firing it in hopes of maybe finding a temporary solution, but to no avail. Crouching while activating, firing it away from you, firing it directly downwards at your own feet, not looking upwards from the ground until it engages and starts to fire, (I thought maybe it was a byproduct of raising the crosshair in an upward direction during the activation frames somehow causing it to take the upward aiming trajectory into account and continue to rise as a result, [overthinking it] but this wasnt really leading to results either) etc.

Nothing seemed to work as a fix, so it seems completely random. Unfortunate as it kind of wastes the magazine in cases where it does happen, but if used with mirage it somewhat overcompensates by launching 3 instead of 1, raising chances of getting a successful disc launch that actually makes contact with enemies.

Besides liking to see it fixed, I think slightly reworking it to fire in 5 - 6 directions (like a pentagonal or hexagonal vertices formation) instead of 4 would help the weapon with applying more sustained and consistent status procs on a single target in an area, therefore increasing its effectiveness on all enemies in said area. Otherwise, fun weapon, v cool, pls fix.

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