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Dojo Research Terminal


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There should probably be some kind of terminal (the same as the Dojo Room Options) in the lab that allows you to access the research. Or at least better visual markers indicating that you can press X there.


I spent a good 15 minutes searching the lab rooms and the Oracle, asking the clan and searching forums for how to access it with no instruction - the only thing I could see was a Dojo Room Options terminal that was completely empty until I accidentally ran into the middle of the lab one time.


Consider that the rest of the game uses terminals to access things like doors and hacking, pressing X next to a large pool of glowing research stuff isn't very intuitive.

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It is kinda strange how you magically spawn research from the middle of nothing.

Perhaps at least a table of sorts.

I always thought the actual trough-thingy was the actual console(to be technical, by the current setup, it is). However, I don't see the harm in adding another, more-obvious console.

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