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The Golden Spire (Open, IC)

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The Golden Spire, an Orokin tower on Lua rumored to be the home of a powerful Archimedian during the height of the empire. Legends abound about the fate of its owner, Miriam Tanis whose children were lost aboard the Zarimman Ten Zero. 

Some claim she went mad with grief, and blamed the Orokin for their loss, inciting a rebellion at the Tower of Altra, only to be executed for her treason. 

Others claim she chose to become a Cephalon to escape her grief, and persist to this day, archiving data in some forgotten terminal, unwilling to return to the world of the living. 

A handful claim she roams Lua as a disembodied spirit, watching over the empty somatic pods of the Tenno, forever searching for her lost children. 

Whatever fate befell it’s original owner the Tower is now occupied by the enigmatic House Tanis, a group of artificers, artisans’ and researchers dedicated to bringing back the glory of the Orokin Empire one sculpture at a time. Their finest works adorn the lobbies of Corpus and Tenno alike, and they are well known for breathing life into ancient wonders. 

Those willing to risk life and limb exploring the crumbling depths of Lua will find House Tanis offers more than fair price for any recovered relics, especially those that might shed light on their namesake’s fate. 

Within the tower lie two shops ready to equip would be adventurers with the gear they need to survive the Lunar Depths. 

Morrison’s Masks and Filters offers a variety of safety gear for those without access to Warframes, and a selection of exploration themed mods for the Tenno. 

Alarik’s Arsenal offers a selection of weapons and tools for the eager adventurer, from simple rock climbing picks to heavy mining gear, as well as advice on what dangers may await. 

Once one is prepared they can speak to Seven, a former resident of Fortuna, to be granted access to the Lunar Depths and begin their adventure. 

Those who wish to know more about the enigmatic House Tanis, and their work, may consult one of their many Artisans. 


See OOC thread for details on how to enter.

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The tower gleams in the Lunar light like a golden needle poised to pierce the sky. It’s surface is surprisingly pristine. The reason why quickly becomes apparent upon closer inspection. Crews in ornate environmental suits hang from scaffolds, polishing and repairing the walls. 

Five landing pads fan out from the top of the spire, currently unoccupied. Each one leads to a massive door. A pair of corrupted Nullifiers stand guard at each, each flanked by a pair of fusion Moas.


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"... Thank you Spire, coming down on pad 3."
The Solari pilot closed the comms channel, and looked at the passenger.  "Well," he said, "Here's your stop.  You're sure this is where you want to go, right?"

The passenger was already shuffling toward the hatch, crouching under a ceiling that was meant for normal people, not three-meter mistakes of genetic engineering.

"Yes," she answered, matter-of-factly, as if it were some innocently obvious truth of the universe.  This was where she had asked to go.

There was a jolt as the transport struck the landing pad, and a screech of a hinge that had seen better days as the cargo door opened, letting the lights on the landing pad illuminate the passenger's face.  It was an ordinary Grineer face, streaked and splotched with colors ranging from albino-white to pure-melanin-black and everything in between.  One eye was a pale green, almost white; the other socket contained a dark lens surrounded by some unidentifiable metal.  As the door opened further, the guards would see that the passenger wore the orange armor of an Arson Eximus, dulled by wear.  Behind her, a modified Regulator drone floated to the ceiling with a small tap!

The pilot appeared next to her.  "I've dropped off many a young adventure-seeker here," he said.  "Most of them don't come back up."  The Grineer looked at him quizzically.  "I'm not seeking adventure," she said.

As the pilot began to unload crates from the ship, the grineer stepped down onto the landing pad, unfolding to her full hight and grabbing hold of the drone as it began to gently float upwards, and walked towards the guards with long, bouncing strides in the lunar gravity.  She stopped just close enough to be awkward, then took a step back and gave a small wave.

"Hello.  My name is Anak.  Is this House Tanis?"

((Sorry for the wait.))

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