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(XB1) The Steel Path - Update 28.2.0 Status: Live!


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July 28th Update:

The Steel Path - Update 28.2.0 is live! 


July 27th Update:

The Steel Path - Update 28.2.0 has passed Cert and will be going live tomorrow, Tuesday, July 28th at ~ 11 AM ET! You will be visited by Red Text to start the countdown to taking your first step onto The Steel Path. See you then!

July 22nd Update:

The Steel Path - Update 28.2.0 is officially in Cert for Xbox One! The total download size will be roughly ~760 MB. We will update this thread and all other official channels with an official launch date once we've passed Cert. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to walk The Steel Path right at launch, be sure to complete the Star Chart. Teshin will be very pleased to see all that you have learned.


The Steel Path: Update 28.2.0 is in development for Xbox One! We’ve included everything from PC Update 28.0.6 - (and cherry picked fixes and changes beyond). 

Once we have sent the build to Cert we will update this thread with the news and include the total download size so that you have time to manage space if needed. Now let's get into what you can expect with The Steel Path: Update 28.2.0!


Controller Changes & Fixes:  

  • Removed the ability to open up the main menu with a controller when using Navigation or browsing Ayatan Treasures (could result in a loss of functionality).
  • Fixed Pets using the wrong skeleton and appearing mutated when swapping to a loadout of a different Pet (Kubrow vs Kavat) before claiming your Incubated Pet when using a controller.
  • Fixed the Avionics screen showing the incorrect callout for "remove" with a controller. 


The time to take on a new challenge approaches. The Origin System is ever-changing. Our enemies grow more powerful - only the Tenno with true mastery of their Arsenal will overcome what awaits us. Once you have found yourself with a completed Star Chart, you may choose to arm yourself for a higher tier of enemies in Warframe. With this Update, we are introducing ‘The Steel Path’, a way to replay the Star Chart with all regions receiving +100 enemy levels. You will earn exclusive Emotes and Trophies by completing each region. Team up or go alone - good luck! 

If you are not ready for this challenge, fear not, it’s not going anywhere. One day you may be prepared to take The Steel Path. 

Your weapons make music, and the enemy calls for a song. Visit Teshin to learn more, if you’re ready. The Relay ‘CONCLAVE’ Fast Travel option will be changed to say ‘TESHIN’ as this option now serves a new role with The Steel Path. This will also place you in front of the Conclave station instead of in the Conclave screen.


  • A completed Star Chart (access to Arbitrations) is required for The Steel Path. Teshin will invite you to seek him out in any Relay once you’ve met the criteria. 
    • Hot tip: If you’re unsure of what Nodes remain for you to unlock, visit the Arbiters of Hexis enclave in the Relays and speak to the Arbitration representative located to the immediate left of the door. 

What you need to know about The Steel Path:

  • You can toggle on/off The Steel Path in the Star Chart, which will automatically change the Star Chart to reflect which path you wish to play.
    • The Steel Path toggle will also pulse to draw attention for those who question how to access The Steel Path after talking to Teshin. Completing 1 Steel Path mission will disable the pulse. 
  • Mastery can be earned by completing each mission on The Steel Path (similar to normal Star Chart, Mastery is earned once per node).
  • Enemies on The Steel Path are +100 Levels higher than their normal mission counterparts, and have enhanced defenses. Their enhanced defenses are not quite as high as Sortie modifiers, but enemies do have a *150% bonus to Health + Armor + Shields. This decision was made based on Public Test Cluster feedback. 
    • The original Test Cluster Feedback change brought a 175% bonus that we then reduced to 150% bonus after further testing. We also realized some inconsistencies with what we stated and what was truly live on the Test build leading up to now. To clarify what this equates to:
    • Enemy Health/Shield/Armor: 1+1.5 = 2.50 (250%)
  • The Steel Path has Custom Gear Rules: 1 Minute Cooldown on Restores.
  • Open Worlds (Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon) have a special Steel Path Bounty you must complete to progress. It is the 6th tier Bounty only accessible on The Steel Path!  
  • The Steel Path Eidolon levels will increase respective of their difficulty for Tenno who seek a challenge, and also drop 1 Steel Essence on death:
  • Teralyst: Level 110
  • Gantulyst: Level 120
  • Hydrolyst: Level 130
  • Junction Specters must be fought at their new 100+ level to proceed in the Star Chart. 
    • You’ll notice that the ‘Junction Tasks’ popup on hover will not appear in The Steel Path as those items are not required nor rewarded for completing the Junction.
  • Eximus enemies have a chance at dropping Riven Slivers and a new currency: Steel Essence. 
  • Archwing Missions within The Steel Path will contain enemies with a 50+ level increase instead of 100+, and the 150% bonus Health + Armor +
  • Shield multiplier will not be applied. This decision was made based on Test Cluster feedback.
  • Note: Railjack is not a part of The Steel Path.

Progression Rewards
As you progress through The Steel Path Star Chart, Teshin will award you for each Region completed with its respective Planet Decoration and Planet Emote, as well as 2x Steel Essence per Region (which can also be earned simply by playing Steel Path missions)!

The Steel Path Honors & Steel Essence
In addition to those Rewards, Teshin now has The Steel Path Honors: a store only accessible when The Steel Path is unlocked. Similar to the Arbitration Honors store, The Steel Path Honors takes Steel Essence as currency. Steel Essence can be found as a Resource drop from Eximus enemies within The Steel Path. 

By accessing the Steel Path Honors, you can exchange your Steel Essence for the following rewards:

  • THE BISHAMO ARMOR SET: Uphold the elite warrior tradition of Teshin and the Dax in the Bishamo Armor Set. This Orokin-designed collection includes a Helmet, Cuirass, Pauldrons, Greaves, and apparel. Earn the Blueprints by trading Steel Essence from The Steel Path Honors.
  • Kuva x 10,000
  • Random Relic Pack (3 Random Relics) 
  • Stance Forma Blueprint - this Forma type was introduced in Operation: Scarlet Spear. In the interest of having it more widely available, we are adding it to the Steel Path! This Forma allows for an added touch of flexibility in Melee weapons for those who seek it out! 
  • The Trio Orbit Ephemera and Crania Ephemera
    • These new Ephemeras are available for a Steel Essence price respective to their prestige. The Crania Ephemera is for the truly worthy and those who have shown no fear on the Steel Path.



Khora Urushu Skin
Personify the avenging spirit of the forest in armor flowering with deadly blooms. Buying the Urushu skin unlocks the Maculatia Skin only for your Venari. Includes Maculatia Venari Skin, Khora Urushu Agile and Noble animation sets! 

  • Khora’s Whipclaw whip also use the Khora Urushu whip design!

Khora Urushu Collection
Embody the galaxy’s most dangerous flora with the Urushu Collection. Includes the Khora Urushu Skin, the Pulchranopsis Syandana, the Veratria Blade and Whip Skin, and the Maculatia Skin for Venari or your favourite Kavat. Includes Khora Urushu Agile and Noble animation sets! 


Accessibility & Visibility Improvements:

Color Blind Compensation
Under the Display Options tab, you’ll find a ‘Color Blind Compensation’ option that modifies game and interface colors to increase visibility for common forms of color blindness. There is also a strength slider to the Color Blind Compensation filters. 

This setting will allow you to pick between the following options:

  • Protanopia: A setting for people with Protanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to red lights.
  • Deuteranopia: A setting for people with Deuteranopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to green lights.
  • Tritanopia: A setting for people with Tritanopia, who have a reduced sensitivity to blue lights.

It’s worth noting here that our Color Blind Compensation approach is far from perfect and feedback will vary accordingly. We will continue to investigate larger scope accessibility issues!

Xoris Interaction Changes:
Certain Warframe Abilities and Exalted weapons will now reset the Melee Combo Counter only if the Xoris is being used. The overwhelming Damage output of certain Warframe Abilities was not our intention with an infinite Melee Combo weapon, and the conversation of ‘Xoris or you’re doing it wrong’ is greatly restrictive in terms of player choice.

Warframe Abilities / Exalted Warframe weapons affected by this are:

  • Ash Bladestorm
  • Atlas Landslide
  • Baruuk Serene Storm
  • Excalibur Exalted Blade
  • Gara Shattered Lash
  • Khora Whipclaw
  • Valkyr Talons
  • Wukong Iron Staff

The full breakdown can be read here.

Granum Void Changes & Fixes:
!!Contains Spoilers for The Deadlock Protol Quest!!

  • Golden Hand Shrines will no longer be accessible in Invasion missions if you don’t side with the Corpus.
    • This also fixes Golden Hand Shrines consuming a Granum Crown but not opening the Granum Void if you were sided with a Faction other than Corpus.
  • NPC’s spawned within or brought into Granum Void (Beacon summoned Assassins, Rescue Targets, etc) will now be teleported back to the Corpus Ship alongside you when the timer expires.
    • This also fixes NPCs spawned in Granum Void resulting in a teleportation ping-pong between the Corpus Ship and Granum Void upon the Granum Void timer running out.
  • A Revive Tower will now be spawned beside the Golden Hand Shrine if a player goes down within the Granum Void in a Corpus Ship Arbitration mission.
    • This fixes missing Revive Towers upon exiting the Granum Void and Resurgence Tokens still spawning, resulting in imposing the stacking Resurgence Burden debuff for the rest of the mission unless the "lost" player leaves.
  • More Lotus VO has been added to the Granum Void upon intro, success, partial/fail.
  • A waypoint marker will now dynamically appear for the nearest Golden Hand Shrine when the Granum Void opens to help players find them.
  • Fixed ‘Abilities In Use’ persisting after entering the portal to the Granum Void. 
  • Fixed Xoris charges not depleting for Clients in Granum Void if the Host is absent.
  • Fixed ability to go over the Void Traces cap from Granum Void rewards.

Stropha Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Stropha projectile lifetime from .12 to .14.
  • Fixed Stropha Heavy Attack not increasing in Damage from Melee Combo stacks.
  • Fixed the Stropha shot not gaining Combo hits against a ragdolling enemy.
  • Fixed Condition Overload not affecting its shots.

General Changes:

  • Shield Gating now applies to Companions the same way it does to Warframes!
    • Blocks 100% of Damage for 1000ms on first break, reduced to 300ms if Shields break again without fully recharging.
  • Protea’s Blueprint has been added to Simaris’ Offerings for players who have completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest and unintentionally sold Protea.
    • Let it be known that the Xoris Blueprint/Parts are also available here for players who have completed The Deadlock Protocol Quest and unintentionally sold the Xoris.
  • The Friend ‘Batch Remove’ feature minimum has been changed to ‘1 week’ to allow for more list purging.
  • Doubled the Decoration Capacity for the "Open Space" Dojo room, from 800 to 1600 (for comparison the Inspiration Hall is 1400).
  • Updated a few occurrences of "Resist a Damage effect" to the more accurate “Resist a Status effect" for some descriptions of Arcanes.
  • Platinum bonuses given from Referral links are now non tradable/non giftable, similar to Platinum that you don’t purchase (win on a Livestream, etc).   
  • To help prevent accidental Kuva Lich generation from quick tapping the Mercy action, you must now Hold to perform a Mercy on a Kuva Larvling.
  • Beacons are now disabled in Junctions.
  • This is a solo fight to show off those skills! 
  • The Star Chart Quest FX indicator will now still appear when you are zoomed out. 
  • Disarming abilities no longer affect pilotable Dargyns to prevent accidental disarm usage that removes weapon capability. 
  • Increased the size of the Shedu explosion FX to better visually represent its radius.
  • Pets & Sentinels no longer take damage from Jackal's Grid Wall attack. 

5x pages of fixes (which also includes a handful of optimizations) are coming with Update 28.2.0 The full list will be posted once the update is live but here are some highlights: 

  • Fixed Protea losing her Temporal Anchor actions during rewind if during the ability she walked through Volt’s Electric Shield. 
  • Fixed Protea's Blaze Artillery not targeting enemies in Mag's Magnetize bubble if Mag is Modded to have a high Power Strength.
  • Fixed Protea’s Passive HUD FX becoming invisible after Transferring into Operator and out as a Client.
  • Fixed Panthera Prime and Karyst Prime not having proper setup for unique Riven disposition. Both arsenal UI and in-game stats will now reflect intended disposition of 0.5.
  • Fixed cases of Cephalite Fissures not spawning in numerous eligible missions.
    • This was most commonly seen in Plains/Vallis or key-required missions, but was possible elsewhere as well.
  • Fixed Cephalite Resonance not being shared between squadmates in Railjack if the player who collected the Resonance was at the 20 cap.
  • Fixed the Explorer Nightwave Act text not updating progress by always saying ‘Complete 3 Railjack Missions’.
  • Fixed not receiving progress for the ‘Ascendant’ Nightwave Act upon completing the Agility Test on Lua.
  • Fixed not being able to complete ‘Just Visiting’ Nightwave Act by visiting a Featured Dojo higher than Ghost. 
  • Fixed Maxima and Hull Weave Avionics missing from respective Earth Proxima and Veil Proxima enemies.
  • Fixed the Archwing Slingshot breaking after the first use if it was used to board a Crewship.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the doors in the remastered Corpus Ship tileset. 
  • Fixed Shield-Gating not functioning properly after Reviving when becoming downed.
  • Fixed Condition Overload not affecting the damage of a thrown Glaive.
  • Fixed receiving a weird error when attempting to equip a Pet while another one is being Imprinted.
  • You’ll instead receive a less confusing error message indicating “Cannot switch to a new Pet while imprinting”.
  • Fixed Arcane Bodyguard not healing Venari.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Resonator spamming 0 Damage numbers in between doing charm Damage.
  • Etc. 
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Agree with RunNurDumps on the gun being very decent.  I  have several forma into the original with a decent riven which does not work with the prime variant as the later has a disposition of 1 as opposed to the normal variant with a 4.  So i opted to build a riven-less version with very good results.  Level 175 corrupted name it and it handles them well.  In live play, i have hunted over 100 liches and the last 10 have been with the pant prime.  It takes some building to its strengths with forma but is a good weapon.

2 hours ago, (XB1)RunNurDumps said:

You should really Try things out not just learn from bad YouTube videos made by people who aren't good at modding, the accuracy is barely an issue if you dont use Heavy Calibur (which that video almsot definitely was) and while we don't have Steel Path yet on Xbox I've tested it on 175's and it's WAY better than the original.


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On 2020-07-18 at 2:54 PM, (XB1)Pipolo said:

Plans for fix Panthera Prime?

Is worst than his normal version.

my brother's build would love to point out how wrong you are.


like 90% of all of our equipment, building something right is key to having it perform well.

besides, the panthera prime has superior crit and status stats on top of more ammo. its definitely better than the normal.

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The Steel Path - Update 28.2.0 is officially in Cert for Xbox One! The total download size will be roughly ~760 MB. We will update this thread and all other official channels with an official launch date once we've passed Cert. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to walk The Steel Path right at launch, be sure to complete the Star Chart. Teshin will be very pleased to see all that you have learned.

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