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(XB1) The Steel Path - Update 28.2.0 Status: Live!


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19 hours ago, (XB1)RAG is NAROK said:

Can the Steel Path Ephemera be used on Companions? 

No and they cost way to much the best one costs 85 esance and to get esance you eather half to compleat a hole planet or have an eximus drop one at a 2% drop chance and you only get one from them alonge with the full cosmetic armor costing 85 as well it realy isnt worth playing 

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21 hours ago, (XB1)YoungGunn82 said:

Much larger updates have passed faster than this one. This update is 2-3gb and it’s been over a week. Something is definitely up. 

Don't think so, it went to cert in July 22 the average cert is 1 week so July 29 is the most likely date of release

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On 2020-07-23 at 7:51 PM, (XB1)Sexy Paydaybar said:

Allow option to COPY WARFRAME COLORS to Venari at least.... How many times do I need to request this? Like an exalted weapon has this option an exalted kavat should be no different.

Speaking as a khora main. Thank you for the gorgeous khora deluxe skin

they probably wont and cant because how the pet colors are fur colors and not the palette colors

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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