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(Switch) The Steel Path - Update 28.2.0 Status: Live!

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Am 17.7.2020 um 20:39 schrieb [DE]Danielle:

Xoris Interaction Changes:
Certain Warframe Abilities and Exalted weapons will now reset the Melee Combo Counter only if the Xoris is being used. The overwhelming Damage output of certain Warframe Abilities was not our intention with an infinite Melee Combo weapon, and the conversation of ‘Xoris or you’re doing it wrong’ is greatly restrictive in terms of player choice.

Warframe Abilities / Exalted Warframe weapons affected by this are:

  • Ash Bladestorm
  • Atlas Landslide
  • Baruuk Serene Storm
  • Excalibur Exalted Blade
  • Gara Shattered Lash
  • Khora Whipclaw
  • Valkyr Talons
  • Wukong Iron Staff

so wait a minute. what does this mean if I play Xoris with Ash in combination with the Bladestorm Augment? am I not able to build up a high combo multiplier with the Xoris if I use Ash with his Bladestorm Augment? i mean sure yeah i understand your point with the resetting but if I play Ash with the Bladestorm Augment which is designed for fast combo stacking and longer combo duration... it just would reset it on every enemy or?

I will ask some friends on PC if they could try that out but if its really the case then well... it will be the most useless weapon i could use for my Ash Build.what is sad because i really love glaives and Xoris was really fun until now. and with my ash build i have nearly everytime in a mission a maxed combo multiplier and if not its just a matter of seconds until it is again maxed out.

so yeah. i hope there will be some exception for this Augment of Ash. but i fully understand why you guys are doing what you are doing. some builds with some frames are absolutly nuts and just broken.

wish you guys a great day.

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9 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

The Steel Path - Update 28.2.0 has passed Cert and will be going live tomorrow, Tuesday, July 28th at ~ 11 AM ET! You will be visited by Red Text to start the countdown to taking your first step onto The Steel Path. See you then!

And another reminder that this is a "remaster update"! Here is what you can expect with that in mind:

Once the update is live, the download size will appear larger than the update’s actual total size. This is due to the remastering process so it will take a bit longer to download. This will bring Warframe’s total size on the Nintendo Switch from 22.7 GB to approximately 21.7 GB. Prepare for the update and its accompanying remaster by making sure you have at least ~ 4 GB free on your Switch in order for the download to begin once it is live. 

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