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Fix For 0 Recoil? Where's The Stun Fix?


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- Corrupted Mod that had a negative recoil affect has been changed to a "damage spread increase"* negative affect to account for 0 recoil weapons not having a negative consequence.

whoa whoa... not so fast..

you want to change that but not stun mods??

there are weapons with 0 stun that are left unaffected by stun mods. you want to change no recoil mods but not this? stun mods have been around WAY longer than this new accuracy thing and those haven't been looked at once.


If you're gunna adjust that for 1 effect on mods, you gotta keep it balanced and adjust for all mods with "0 effect"


This was a reply I made on the update topic from Rebecca, thought it deserved it's own topic as well.

Just annoyed that Stun mods are so incredibly useless and around so much longer, but the accuracy effect is what they're quick to jump on. Stun needs fixing asap...I wasn't too concerned with it before, but now that they're actually fixing a "0 effect" mod and that it's not Stun...that rustles jimmies.

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Moved to Weapon Feedback, that is an issue of the same origin. I imagine the rush to fix Recoil on the Corrupted Mod was due to the massive benefit on 0 recoil guns, but Stun review needs to happen as well. Thanks for reminder!

thx rebecca

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