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Warframe stats on Xbox profile not updating to the same as Warframe stats in game

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There has been an ongoing issue one Xbox one for the last year, where literally every players Mastery Rank on their Xbox stats is lower than their actual Mastery Rank in game. I’m MR29 but it’s been showing that I’m still MR27 on Xbox. Now my hours played, Warframes owned, items built, ciphers solved etc. Have all stopped updating to their correct amounts like they are in game. This is inconvenience and incorrect display of personal statistics on the game.

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On 2020-07-19 at 10:27 AM, (XB1)BURZYCKI said:

I have def seen these stats not ever matching, but is it only the past year or has it been forever as I recall wondering this some time ago. 

Where are you going specifically to view this data?

It’s on your games and apps for Warframe on your Xbox profile.

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