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Make All Weapons Charge Automatically And Release A Shot When You Click With The Mouse


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as topic says, make ogrid, paris, lanka and similar weapons charge their attack automatically and fire with a mouse click. it's annoying and not ergonomic in it current state were you have to press and hold. looking forward to see this in the near future. thanks in advance! 


EDIT: on a second thought (thanks anarties) leave bows out of it or make it optional. maybe let us tick a box if we want our weapon to auto charge or not

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would really like this on weapons other than bows. even though i never fire anything but charged shots with a bow, even if it kills me.

even if i die, atleast my full Energy and full Ammo Pool will accompany me :(


so a preference option, absolutely.

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I think this would come down to personal preference. It would be good to have the option to make it automatically charge. If they made it so that it is done automatically W

Want weapons that charge? Get a bow.


Guns should not need us to charge them imo.


It's a bow mechanic not a gun one.


EDIT: Missed the part about it being an option. That would be nice.

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