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Cutscene voice volume affected by game volume

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When watching cutscenes, the voice volume obeys the setting in options for voice volume, but cutscene music is at 100% even if the game's music slider is lower.  This creates a situation where you may not be able to hear what is being said because it's too low, and turning up the volume may not be feasible because the music volume is too high in comparison.

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@[DE]George Since I cant reply to the post in the Xbox forum, im bumping this thread and linking to that one where you replied.  


The music volume in cutscenes already sets itself to 100%, even if its lower.  Voice volume is the only one that obeys the sliders. 

Your solution would also require us to anticipate when a cutscene will play.  I have almost all volume sliders at 10% and music at 0 in order to give more space to voice chat and make it easier to hear other audio cues like caches and demolysts.  

Wouldn't it be better to just have voices during cutscenes override the sliders like music already does?

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