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Kunai Skin - Ak-Sura Edges [3D Model & Concept Art]

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Hi there!

I wanted to share the kunai skin I made. I did 3 items this round and still had rush of creativity, so I drew up a concept and the rest is below.


I don't expect anything to come of this since this is a category for submissions. However it was great practice for me and I learned a few new things along the way. One of the challenges for me was trying to design the holsters. I kept having a mental block that, "this will have to clip regardless" so I tried my best to make it thick enough to go on most frames and still retain the shape from the concept art.


Anyways here is the workshop render!j5JNKY3.png


This is a much more clearer screenshot of everything


And lastly we have the concept art!



I did submit it on the workshop for whoever wants to take a look at how it recolors, etc. My artstation also has a Marmoset viewer for a 3D turn around as well.






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