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So I was in the plains of elidion trying to get the mod that increases how long abilities can last, and I was on the way back to Cetus with the rare mod I needed. I needed to quickly get far, so I wanted to use my K-Drive. I accidentally brought out my fishing spear, so I quickly tried to switch to the K-Drive. While jumping onto it, I froze in midair. I tried to move, and I was walking on air. As soon as I walked up to a hill, I would clip right through and get stuck. This forced me to return to Cetus and made me lose out on the Auger Message mod that I worked to grind for.

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Similar thing happened to me, but more glitchy.

A while ago, I was bored, so I decided to fly up in my archwing, and do K-drive tricks on the way down.  I landed on a rock near the konzu tent in the plain on the left of the cetus gate (from when you come out the door) while doing one of those things where I whip the thing around in a circle,and got stuck.  I could use all weapons including melee and primary.  Anyways, I got "saved" by a host migration, and was seemingly back to normal.  I found a dargyn, and decided to drive it around shooting down firbogs.  as I was flying around, the dargyn suddenly disappeared (somewhere above Gara Toht Lake) and I was left walking on air.  I tried a number of things to try and fix it. 1, I jumped, which got me stuck in the falling animation, without actually falling.  2, I squatted, didn't do anything.  3, I used /unstuck, didn't do anything.  4, tried to run into a mountain, I was to high up.  5, melee ground slam.  The last one "worked" as it got me out of the flying thing, and caused me to fall through the ground, stuck in the ground slam anim.  I had experienced similar things with K-drives glitching me thru the ground, so I responded the same way.  1, try to use /unstuck.  normally doesn't help.  2, use archwing, sometimes wont let me activate it.  Archwing worked, and I flew back to the surface, and fell thru the ground again.  So i decided to continue using only archwing, and continue shooting down firbogs.  But first I wanted to see what else got broken, and in the process realized multiple things;

1.  enemies couldn't see or hear me, but i could damage them.

2.  I couldn't drown, which got me some pretty messed up camera angles.

3.  I could go out of bounds and see the little model of cetus behind the gate.

4.  I couldn't interact with anything, such as hacking panels or trucks.

5.  I couldn't leave normally, because the room couldn't realize that I was there. 

So I lost everything I got that mission because I had to abort.  also, I think I accidentally pulled out my shockprod while I was in the glitched K-drive state.

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