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Inaros Prime's shoulders and wrists mesh deforms

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I have noticed Inaros Prime has an issue where his wrists textures just get very deformed and become basically a piece of paper. This happens everytime he rotates his hands 90 degrees (ie: grabbing rifles).







Normal Inaros doesn't have this. I guess this happens because the area, which is modeled in default Inaros, doesn't have a mesh in Inaros Prime:



I would appreciate this being fixed if possible, as truth be told right now it looks very wrong, and his textures seem prepared to behave properly. Thanks for your time!

EDIT: Adding video centered on shoulders as per post below:

Thanks for your time!

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Update: Seems like the shoulders have something off as well. If you use the Inaros Noble animation is very easy to see they deform to adapt the mesh to the animation (looking like jelly), wheras other Warframes with a similar shape feel completely rigid.

I have no idea if there's an issue with the rigging in the arms (which would explain too the deforming of the wrists) or if the mesh changes from Inaros to its Prime are the cause of this and can't be fixed, but figured I'd report anyways.

I will be changing the thread title as well to reflect this.

I'm also adding a video to the first post as soon as it uploads.

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