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Dojo Training Room?


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So, we all know that there is a Dojo Player vs Player room, and we all love to bring our Potato'd weapons and favourite warframes there to see who's best... but what about the weapons and warframes we've never used or have just acquired? We should have a place to test them out! my solution: a Dojo Training room! 
   It could be either one room with stationary targets or enemies, or rooms with mobile enemies in the form of ''Holograms'' such as the ones we fought in the tutorial and the ones summoned with Nekros's ''4'' ability.  it may even be possible to have a series of rooms (such as the weapon research rooms) that each have their own faction of enemies!  I think it would be a great place to try out new weapons, or show off the capability of mod combinations or just plain cool mods, such as the bow mod: Thunderbolt, and it would be great fun for everyone, new and experienced.  So?  Tell me what you all think!

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