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Mesa Prime: Peacemaker Bug!

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OK bug ive noticed with peacemaker when its fully fired like the fire reticule is smallest as possible and u fire as fast as possible it stops shooting the enemy in the fire reticule because the accuracy then is glitched and misleading with what u see on the screen. Basically you can still hit them but the accuracy is not properly represented with the reticule its misleading and causes her to stop firing unless u center your accuracy somewhere in the reticule and just hope its in its bugged crosshair so she fires, just playtest her and u will see what i mean. I posted a YouTube Video regarding it: 


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Edit: But at least we have new tennogen skins! At least I have a new color pallet! AT LEAST I'VE BEEN SHOWN NEW DRAWINGS FROM THE COMMUNITY ON STREAM! You know, all the important stuff!


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Just checking the date. 4 months to the day! When you uploaded this. Not a single respons. It's not gonna get touched, or even acknowledged. Honestly all I want is acknowledgement so you at least know they are aware and 'trying' that is all I ask. We don't even get that.

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I found the problem a long time ago but forgot to tell it was because i had Magnum Force or whatever that Pistol Mod is that reduces accuracy for a tradeoff of damage. basically it would really mess up the peacemaker aim when it got to a small circle.

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5 hours ago, XJR15 said:

it was because i had Magnum Force or whatever that Pistol Mod is that reduces accuracy

This is pure speculation on my part since I have absolutely no idea how they actually implement Peacemaker. But going by this clue, it is possible that:

1. When we press fire during Peacemaker, invisible "hitscan ray" the size of the reticle is fired and any kind of hitting cue (sound, vfx, damage etc) is only triggered when the ray hits any enemy. This means the smaller the reticle is, the smaller the ray becomes.

2. Any accuracy modifier affects Peacemaker. Which means, just like a regular projectile weapon, if the accuracy is reduced then these hitscan rays will be no longer 100% aligned with the reticle (just like projectiles from Supra aren't going to be 100% aligned with our crosshair).

I think the accuracy is already messed up when the reticle is on its default size but it's hard to miss enemies with projectile the size of our screen.

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