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Cannot login in after Steel path update

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Today there was an update for the Nintendo Switch version of Warframe where the steel path would be introduced. After I had downloaded the update, I tried to get back in warframe and some type of error appeared while I was trying to log in. I can't even show the image of it, because I downloaded it to my desktop so I could paste it in but I cannot. 

However, I will try to describe it, whenever your character/frame is on the ship, and black rectangle appears and below that it says profile name but it is loading. On the bottom left hand corner it shows the digital extreme's initials and under it says beta label. Normally whenever you login in, it shows your frame sitting and the title of the game is shown on the side. It does not appear like that for me. Is it because of the update I downloaded that a bug appeared?

I am hoping than anyone has solutions to how to fix this. It would be greatly appreciated. 

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