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Warframe Crashing in PoE

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I have been having crashing issues since Wednesday whenever I start a mission in the Plains of Eidolon. The day before this issue started, I was running the ghoul missions multiple times basically the whole night without any issues. After that, I called it a day, logged out and switched off my PC, went to sleep. The next day, I logged into the game, started with the same ghoul missions, only solo this time, and the game started freezing every 30 seconds for 2 seconds or so per freeze. Then the game would crash. I relogged into the game, started playing other missions with no issues. Went back to the plains to recreate the problem and it happened again.

I did a bunch of fixes, checked my hardwares, tried other games which are known to be heavy to run and they're all working fine. I reinstalled Warframe, did the verification and optimization, reinstalled the GPU driver fully, nothing worked.

Please help.

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