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Nightmare Missions In "Alarms" Dropdown Menu Underneath Kuva Missions

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In the Star Chart window there are dropdown menus that sort certain types of missions together so you can find them easier. Notably, Tactical Alerts, Fissures and Kuva Siphon/Flood missions are nicely sorted. But what about Nightmare missions? I say they could have a great spot just underneath Kuva missions in the "Alarms" (the triangle with an exclamation mark inside it) dropdown menu. A new dropdown menu would also be good, but I think putting then underneath Kuva missions would suffice. This would make it way easier a full list of all the currently active Nightmare missions.

If there is already a place you can see a full list of all currently active Nightmare missions, then it needs to be made more obvious and easier to access. Neither me nor any of my friends could find anything when we looked.

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