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Kuva Survival Improvements

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Here are a few ideas to improve Kuva Survival:

  • Since there are often a large number of excess Kuva Catalysts just lying around, how about giving them more uses? When a Kuva Harvester is active the players can bring additional Catalysts and insert them to the Harvester. Similarly to how Coolant and Fractures work, these additional Catalysts will increase the Kuva yield of the Harvester, but make it take slightly longer to complete. You have 30-ish seconds to deposit in additional Kuva Catalysts, then it is locked in. Max of 2 additional Catalysts per Harvester.
  • When a Kuva Harvester is active, there should be a low-ish chance for a Kuva Guardian to spawn. They will not spawn for the first 30 seconds to give you time to decide how many Catalysts you want to add. When spawned this Kuva Guardian will head to the general location of the Harvester and start attacking the everything within reach. If there are no players actively defending the Harvester, the Kuva Guardian can easily destroy it as non-player allied units cannot damage the Guardian until it has been made vulnerable through a Void Blast.
  • For each additional Catalyst inserted, it will also make things slightly harder for you. For each additional Catalyst inserted the chance for a Kuva Guardian to spawn increases. For every additional Catalyst inserted, there is also a chance for one extra Kuva Guardian to spawn. For instance, 1 additional Catalyst has a chance to spawn 2 Guardians. Each Guardian only has a chance to spawn (is not guaranteed), and each is calculated individually. Each additional Catalyst will also increase the level of all Guardians spawned by that Harvester.

Bonus Idea:

  • On average it takes about 25 minutes to gather enough Kuva through Kuva Harvesters to reroll a Riven mod ONCE. This is ridiculous, as often it takes many, many rerolls to get stats on your Riven mod that is worth putting giving up one mod slot in your loadout. My solution? Make the amount of Kuva you get from a Kuva Harvester scale with how long you've been in the mission. Every 5 minutes the Kuva yield increases with a certain amount of Kuva per completed Harvester.
    • If the scaling is going to be linear, you would need one constant number (something within the range of 50-200 might be enough?). But the amount it increases with could also perhaps get more and more the longer you stay in and as difficulty increases, meaning is starts with smaller yield boosts and gets larger over time.

If you guys have any ideas, feedback or criticism please post a comment. I am eager to know what you guys think of my ideas, and I am eager to hear yours.

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