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Personalizing For Your Clan Members Xd


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In my opinion I think that to better personalize the dojo experience as well as the overall warframe experience is implement a personal room system for the barracks with a room for each clan member. They can be arranged by size for each rank of the clan. Then to make the rooms more personal be able to collect trophies or buy from market posters or items that are usable or some just for decoration to make their room fit the member's personality. I know its a rough idea but my honest opinion is that people would strive to work harder to express themselves within the clan and show who they truly are.

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i express myself in violence, harsh language, evil laughter and making things right.


personal space is kinda nice idea but:

a) i don't think living weapons such as tenno have need in any personal space but a cryopod.

b) loadout on server

c) time of developer


and honestly i am moon clan member, do you really think any on these one thousand players will give a damn about my room?

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It would be interesting, IF, and only IF, it was a feature of barracks that loaded you into a list of clan members, and you then selected the room from there, with a "lock" feature of sorts on it, so that a person could keep people out of their room unless they purposely unlocked it.


Otherwise: every new clan member generates a new room; anyone leaving a clan causes heartache; moon clans have a THOUSAND extra rooms to load when someone goes to the dojo;  and an uncomfortable dynamic between keeping awesome rooms, inviting new members, kicking old members, and upgrading clan size.


With the list, you'd hop to the private room, and be able to hop back to the dojo proper. Nobody would have to load the room if they didn't want to, and people would have "private space" all their own.


Other than that, I kind of agree with Althix--there isn't anyone currently on this project, so far as DE has said, and, although relatively simple, it would also be somewhat labor intensive compared to the allocated resources they appear to have.


It's possible, and it could be nice. They are updating dojos all the time, so there might actually be dev team available to work on this.


Kind of a maybe--at the very least, it would be a nice money sink, and a place for us to use all of those nanospores.

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Well you can do 2 things. Either teleport to your room in a room meant to teleport you to your room.

Then this room could be a personal space that does not have to load with the dojo.


Or the frame goes to his pod and jacks in to his own lil matrix. Where he has his room with what ever.


I like the second idea better, because it would make sense when you move clans that you keep your room. And if its virtual then the tenno takes his room on a data module to the next clan.

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