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Stalker? Where? ...oh.


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Mission: Earth - Eurasia - Nightmare Mode - No Shields.

Mission in progress "Alrighty, join nightmare mode for neurode farming." That was the idea; for about two minutes.

Don't even make it to the first console "BorrowedBullets, the murder of Nef Anyo shall not go unpunished." ...Crap.

Wait around for the stalker to spawn, a third guy connects while we're waiting.

Toxic Ancient tackles and one-shot's my Loki, host comes to revive me, just as I am revived, he's one-shot as well.

Host bleeds to death as I'm killing the ancients. He must of been out of revives, never came back.

The third guy joins in finally, as does the stalker.

Pick up the data device, and immediately downed from the stalker slash-dash... Bleed to death.

I died, he'll de-spawn now right? Wrong. No stalker victory message.

I use a revive, stalker downs the third guy and goes back to shooting at me.Revive the third guy before he bleeds out, RUN.

Stalker swaps back to shooting at the third guy, I make it behind the stalker only to receive an arrow in the leg and down again... Great.

Third guy being shot at by the stalker again. I die, revive, and get a box between me and the stalker, and mow him down as he downs the third guy again.

Well, stalker is dead. Jobs finished... Right? Wrong again. No defeat message from the stalker.

After I revive the third guy, Mr. Stalker pops back up, and downs the third guy again.

I hug another box, empty an entire Soma clip into the stalkers &#!, and it does nothing, not a single point of shield damage.

Invincible Stalker? Fine, book it. And end up with another arrow in the &#! for my troubles. Not wasting a third revive.

Mission Failed, all players are dead. Yes, I know that, thank you Lotus.


Says the wiki "Normally, upon reaching 10% health, the Stalker will announce his failure to defeat you, kneel, and disappear in a puff of smoke. An excessive amount of damage that fully depletes his health before he can do this will cause him to fall over like a downed player. He may glitch, and become invulnerable and frozen after this."

That explains the invincibility part, but, I thought the stalker leaves after he kills his target? Was that changed in the time I was off this game? He just murders the entire group now? Or... I've ran into yet another bug to report.


So, long boring story short: Yay, two wasted revives for a failed mission via invincible stalker bug.

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