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How To Keep World Of Fire Up 24/7 With 2 Energy Siphons, With Same Stats Prior To New Mods.


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Build req ember to be formaed 4 times.


Maxed mods:

Energy Siphon





World of Fire

Fleeting Expertise



Non maxed mods:

Narrow Minded level 7

Overextended level 2

Blind Rage level 2


Total stats:

+130% duration -60% =+70% Duration

+57% power Str -30%= +27% Power str

+90% Range -48%= +42% Range

+90% Efficiency -15%= +75% Power Efficiency = 25 energy per cast


Old Stats prior to corrupted mods (new build comparison)

+58% Duration (+12%)

+30% power  (-3%)

+45% range (-3%)

+30% efficiency (+45%)

70 energy (25 energy)


With 2 energy siphons in 20sec you get 24 energy, as it lasts 20sec with +70% duration, enough to keep spamming it 24/7.

Thought I would share for those who play ember and want to try it out.



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Using Continuity + Fleeting Expertise is enough to keep a lot of things up infinitely. It's godmode.


Goal was to find a build that balances everything close to the stats prior to new mods, and still keep it going with only 2 people using energy siphon with no orbs required.  Mainly for Mobile defense to sit in one spot and watch people die like before but now not worrying about energy, as long as u have 1 more person with energy siphon.

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