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'infested' Idea (Would Also Need Lore)


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Video that gave me inspiration.



-Hardcore Stealth-


After entering an unknown abandoned vessel. Our Warframe systems and its host, the human inside, starts to be affected by an unknown, different, more aggressive variant of the Technocyte viral which is very rarely encountered and possible to affect not only Corpus or Grineer but also fully functional Warframes through extremely corroding spores in the air.


Having been exposed to the corroding spores that try and succeed to eat their way into your Warframe through its very skin, into your body and systems.. disrupting them from working properly and disabling most secondary features, like shields, Warframe abilities, superhuman strength/mobility and also the properly working of your visual hud, though not only the secondary functions but also impairing the core functions of your Warframe, the ones that keep the host body alive making it a race against time to escape from this extremely dangerous ship or the virus would eat you and your Warframe. Alive....


Though due to your body and systems having been affected this much and the corrosion from the spores also having affected your weapon functions completely disabling your ability to use ranged combat, you'd have lost a lot of mobility (wall-running takes a huge amount of stamina or is completely disabled), durability and the strength to retaliate properly to engagements making them terrifyingly dangerous. Making this an extremely difficult stealth mission... needing to escape but also to not attract attention to the terrifying, new, rare and virtually immune species of Infested, only seen on these missions, which have regenerating skin that is so corroding upon touch that it renders any weapon, if it would actually fire, useless against them though not only that... A swipe of these monsters' claws could prove fatal.


These large monsters often have very poor eyesight but, but can hear very well (running, jumping, attacking, etc). Though there are also smaller insect like 'spotters' (They are still very large for things that resemble insects though) who have decent/good eyesight but lack the ability to engage in combat, they actively search for any remaining prey in the ship and will alert the larger and more dangerous monsters of your location if they find you. They are easily killed just like Corpus cameras but once they alert the other monsters you would have to make a run for it. The monsters can be staggered/knocked of their feet initially when you melee them but it won't work a 2nd time so better seek for a hiding spot.


This would be a completely new game mode though meant to be very focused on the stealth aspect of the game and causing quite some fear into the player. This is not just a stealth mission though. This should be an alternative to a different stealth mode with this one being hard core difficulty and the other one soft core.


Rewards of these missions should be unique and very big since... after extraction your Warframe used would be put in quarantine to isolate the virus that has attacked it to prevent it from spreading. The Warframe wouldn't be in danger but it would have to recover from the viral infection which would take around 1 to 5 minutes.


This would need a lot of new mechanics though... and I mean a lot... xD Stealth would need to be overhauled, custom AI would have to be made, custom maps to fit these gamemodes. The maps should be really affected by the corrosion. For example: Doors that don't work anymore that are stuck open, lots of environmental hazards, lots of different routes due to corrosion having eaten through walls, etc.

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