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The Deadlock Protocol Protea Fight At MR6

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I have just completed The Deadlock Protocol as MR6 (yes, six).  The post will assume that it is the final Protea fight that is the problem, as the prior fights are pretty standard.  Also assumed is that the reader has pretty much just the basic gear that one would expect at MR6 (or lower).


For gear, I chose a standard R30 Rhino frame, 60 slots, no Forma, not Prime.  The Xoris for Melee, of course.  NO secondary weapon (this is important).  My ranged weapon is a R30 Soma Prime, 60 slots, no Forma.  R30 Taxon (no weapon, no combat mod) for support.

*  Rhino for good survivability that does not depend on abilities.
*  No secondary weapon as one does NOT want to switch to that by accident!
*  I have Soma Prime as it is the best ranged weapon I have.  You want Large Magazine, High Capacity, Fast Reload (Breton would probably work if modded properly).
*  Make sure that your ranged weapon has Magnetic modded to take down shields quickly.
*  I just have standard mods, nothing special.  Max survivability on the Rhino, max damage on the ranged, max support on the Taxon.


It is vitally important that using the Xoris properly becomes second nature.  So it is great that the path to the final battle is just loaded chock full of enemies to practice on.  When you first load into the mission, you will have some breathing space to gather yourself.  There are some goals for this practicing.

1.  Switching seamlessly and quickly between your ranged weapon and the Xoris.
2.  Using the basic throw of the Xoris to take out 1 to 3 enemies.
3.  Using the throw and detonate of the Xoris to take out lots of enemies.

While you can also melee with the Xoris, I would not recommend getting into the habit of doing that as it will get you killed very quickly when fighting Protea.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Xoris will NOT travel through doors or openings.  Draw the enemies out with gunfire, then throw the Xoris.  Do not go charging into a group of enemies.  The Xoris detonated to close to you will throw you back and knock you down.

By the time you zone into the final battle location, you should be very comfortable with the mechanics.


Using the Xoris detonate, when the Xoris is fully charged, is the secret to victory in the fight against Protea.  But before worrying about 'fully charged', learn the detonate mechanic well.  Basically, you throw the Xoris by pressing your secondary attack button.  Then, while in the air, and near your target, you press the secondary attack button again.  This will detonate the Xoris, causeing major damage to all nearby enemies and instantly return the Xoris to your hand.


Now that you have made it to the last area, the area where Protea lives, it is time to fight the good fight.  The fight takes place in two fundamental stages, the first stage has 3 rounds, the second stage has 4 rounds.


In the first stage, you must free 3 prisoners.  You do this by 'charging' your  Xoris and then using the fully charged Xoris by detonating on a prisoner cage.  A fully charged Xoris has 3 filled diamond pips just to the right of the reticle (similar to the way the frame ability selection is shown below the reticle).  You charge your Xoris by detonating it in the midst of the floaty Specter mobs (twice usually).  It is possible to get all 3 pips with one strike.  Once charged, it is over to the prisoner to hit him with the fully charged detonate.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Don't get surrounded by the floaty Specters.  They do some damage, but most importantly, they can lock you down where you cannot move or shoot.  So stay on the move as much as possible.

Once a prisoner has been freed, recharge the Xoris and do the next one.  Then the final one.  After the final prisoner is freed, Protea will show and it is on to the second stage of the fight.


The second stage of the fight is composed of 4 identical phases (just like the First Stage had 3 identical phases).  Each phase of the fight is based on taking down Protea health bars, of which she has 4.  It goes like this:

*  Fully charge your Xoris
*  Switch to your ranged weapon
*  Shoot Protea to take down the health bar (STAY OUT OF MELEE RANGE!)
*  Don't get surrounded by floaty Specters
*  When a Protea health bar is gone, she will attempt to time shift
*  Hit her with a fully charged Xoris detonate to stop the shift and go to next phase.  Begin again by recharging your Xoris.  Finish off the 4th health bar and you have won!


*  If you die, no problem.  You will respawn WITH your companion, full health, full power.  Remember, the goal is not to get Affinity, it is to finish the mission.  🙂

*  If you do die, when you respawn, get the heck out of there!  Especially if it was Protea that killed you.  Bullet Jump FTW!

*  Do NOT attempt to melee Protea.  She will make short work of you.  Ranged attacks are your friend.

*  Before you start the first stage, learn the path from your spawn in point to the central area.  Practice getting back there.  You can use that as a place to get a breather and regen.  The further you go back towards the spawn in point, the less enemies will follow.  Eventually, even Protea will stop following.

*  When Protea begins her time shift, she will go all golden glow and start to quickly head back to where she FIRST took damage!  That means you would have to chase her a long way to try to detonate on her and would probably not make it in time if you first shot her far from where she died.  So, don't shoot her and then run towards the safe area to fight her.  Just body agro her, then when she gets to the area you want to fight her, start shooting.  When she goes all golden, the detonate will be easy as she will stay in that area. 🙂

*  Conserve your ammo!  Use the Xoris throw attack to take out extra floaty Specters, or the melee attack if they are close.


This IS a tough fight, no doubt.  But it is about mechanics more than gear.  Practice, practice, practice, and you will prevail!

Good Luck!

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