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Enemies killed in vauban vortex not giving xp?

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I've noticed this during my last Steel Path nodes. I've been bringing my moa with a weapon to level up and noticed something weird. When doing normal missions with any frame, the xp that the weapon gained would be the usual you'd expect. However, I started using a certain build for the endless missions (range-based vortex). it pulled basically every enemy in the map into the vortex so I could kill them with ease. When I finished the first mission doing this, I noticed that, even though our kills were decent (considering we're extracting at A rotation, just to clear the node), the XP gained by the weapon was barely anything. I tried it again, this time in a survival, and after 5 minutes, we got these results: CqrF7QS.png


As you can see, there's a decent amount of kills, most done by my partner, and even then, if you look at the amount of XP gained by the vulklok, is nowhere near what it should be.

I've been doing some more tests and the result is the same, for what I can see, enemies killed in the vortex (even if not killed by me) will give almost zero XP (if any at all). I've also reported other bugs about the vauban vortex, one being the Stropha projectiles not working when there are too many enemies, and another being Protea's Artillery not gaining multiplier when hitting the enemies caught there. Could you please take a look at the vortex to see if there's something wrong there?




EDIT: I've just done another exterminate mission with a different frame. As you will see in this screenshot, the kills are more or less the same. However, the affinity gain is much higher. NlHdvL8.png


Only difference between these screens is that I am not using vauban and his vortex.

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