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Tennocon Twitch Stream: Trivia feedback

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I tend to think trivia shows are supposed to be cringey and cheesey.

And of course the person doing the questions isn't the doctoral review board of warframe lore...

And yes, most people were there for participation trophies which was a smart idea to include.

Was it cheesey and dumb?  Absolutely, that's kinda the point.

I get that this is not for everyone, and frankly I could have done without it, but obviously plenty of people did enjoy it and had fun with it.

If it's not for you, just don't participate next year.

You do know you have the option to mute it and go do something else right?

I feel like you're trying to yuck someone else's yum, which is inadvisable.

With a game this big nothing is going to appeal to everyone and every single thing that happens is going to have someone that loves it and someone that hates it, some for the same reasons, some for different reasons.

Just let it be mang.  It's a silly trivia show, it doesn't need to be more than that and it fulfilled it's purpose (to engage with some people directly in the course of the show).

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OMG can this trivia game have any more problems? first there was a slow mode on chat with a 20 minute cooldown, the questions though obscure were not that bad.. But at the end i'm prompted with a pop-up that says i had won and to enter my e-mail. and here it is almost a week later and nothing.. is DE just wanting me to share my email with other comapanies or were they not able to see it from my linked warframe and twitch accounts?  Not even worried about filing a ticket to get said rewards.. DE should have had their ducks in a row to start with.. To me Trivia was a failure and i'll just avoid events like it from now on..


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