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TennoCon 2020 Double Credits Week!

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5小时前 , [DE]Drew 说:


Warframe missions award twice the Affinity until Wednesday, August 12th at 11:00 AM ET!

Thank you for being part of TennoCon 2020. To convey his eagerness to meet you, Tenno, Helminth has asked us to host a Double Affinity Week. The Warframe Team just couldn’t refuse. We look forward to launching a revamped new player experience, Open Landscape, Xaku, and so much more with Heart of Deimos!

Enjoy a full week of Double Affinity, Tenno!


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Almost 10 hours later, me and my friend (AlmogSayag in game) also didn't receive Hydroid Prime.

Hope we'll get him before the Affinity booster ends 😅

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