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Issues with Tenno Trivia email pop ups

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I know that this is not about the TennoGen but i have to do this. I participated in the tenno quizz 2020 with the acount linked and I did all, But in the end the pop up didnt appeared and i couldnt share my email (-Removed Email-) could you send me the reward for participating please?


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5 minutes ago, Letter13 said:

The popup was an in-stream window (not a browser popup) that prompted you for your e-mail address. 

It only showed the leaderboard and then disappeared, there was no instream window prompt to enter an email address.

I heard in another post, numbers of contestants were duplicated, and I was not fullscreen and did not tab away.




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2 minutes ago, Letter13 said:

Is it possible you missed it by closing out of the stream before it came up, or tabbed away from the stream and missed it when the panel finished?

It only showed the leaderboard even when Megan said to write our e-mails into the popup... 

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1 minute ago, TARINunit9 said:

Nobody got it

I'm asking because I got the window popup in the stream itself and was able to enter my email, as have many other players. 

You can try contacting DE Customer Support regarding the matter, though. 

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