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Issues with Tenno Trivia email pop ups

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21 hours ago, QueenofYandxre said:

I got the pop-up and submitted my email. But, I still haven't gotten said email about what I supposedly won. Another complaint is that the second half of the trivia stream was completely frozen, so I couldn't see any videos or images for certain questions. I was still able to answer questions, mind you. I just couldn't see any visual for certain ones, cause the stream was frozen.

tbh, I kinda forgo whatever I won as it's not worth it for me. While I knew most of the answers, I still didn't even place high enough to get any of the actually good prizes. (I think I just won a poster or something for my ship.) And, due to the stream being frozen to the point I couldn't see or view videos/images for certain questions made it hard and I couldn't answer those questions.

And, the fact you got a huge chunk of points taken away if you got the answer wrong was another problem. It really hurt myself esteem to the point I just gave up on the end. It made me feel downright horrible.

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