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Hello fellow Tenno and DE,

First of all, thank you DE (all of the staff) that worked hard from home, staying safe, staying home in this troubling times and working on something this big and delivering it perfectly.

Now, here come some of my personal impressions of all of it.

One thing I noticed, the viewers on the live stream and the players in the relays and the region chat have been spamming all day about the drops. Be patient, they will be there, if you haven't figured it out, DE always delivers, it just takes a bit of time. I got all my prizes as soon as I left the relay. I made sure every connection was made before the live stream started, as Megan took time to prepare the "How to prepare for Tennocon 2020".

Enjoyed the hype you brought through twitter as well, the pics of the viewing rigs, the little questions, teasers.

The art department and the sound department staff really enjoy creating the elements that make this game great for us, players. Kudos to them.
Loved the reveals, although it was expected to get an infested themed open world, I did not expect the new enemies and their design. It blew my mind. 
Loved the trivia (although I did not even come close for the big rewards). The trivia quiz showed me how much of the little things get unnoticed sometimes. 
Loved, absolutely loved the relay porting to the reveals, bringing those new designs, new elements, enemies and allies right at the tip of our fingers.
Also, the new frames that were announced are something I am looking forward to, especially the Alchemist one.

Thank you DE for creating, delivering and letting us enjoy this digital Tennocon 2020.

Much love and respect,


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wholesome post 💜 they did a great job delivering the con digitally, I'll never be able to make it to irl Tennocon but this version was still so much fun!! it's clear how hard they worked on it and they deserve the recognition. It makes me happy to see people responding positively

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Ty DE for Tennocon 2020 , I enjoyed it and The Heart of the Swarm was awesome 😉

I would just like to give my feedback that I as all other players who had their Quiz twitch extension not working at All, are very Sad, I followed steps on PC , steps one didnot show me the grant permission, steps 2 didnot show at all there was no puzzle icon, I even downloaded the Twitch app on phone and on the 3 dots option menu it didnt have Link Identity but it had grant permission which also didnot work, And Also there was the Slow Chat , Had to try chat on the phone and I dunno if it worked or not.. but I think not

I was excitingly waiting to participate and get that participation loot I was even aiming for the top prizes But all of that is in the wind now :sadcry:

Also some constructive criticism here, I know that u guys were on the clock and u had to continue what u were doing in the Trivia , However I think u didnot have enough moderator setup as the vibe was that u guys just kept driving and ignored the masses, Please note then when alot of the community having issues while u guys continuing the show... Even understandably why... Gives the indication u guys out of touch with the community, So maybe a few ppl monitoring chat / even a dedicated channel on Discord  Server during the event for issues, with intervention planned if things go side ways will have a positive impact. That is all, Hope ur all in good health cheers


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