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Xbox One controller triggers not working properly


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After 28.2.1, when in mission, my controller triggers no longer function properly, and this is happening only in Warframe. About half of my trigger presses go unread, but once it has registered a trigger press, holding the trigger down will function as normal. Basically, I have to spam a trigger to fire a weapon, such as the new Athodai, and then if I hold down the trigger while firing, it won't unintentionally stop. This honestly makes the game completely unplayable for me, and I'm super excited to use this affinity booster, I even bought a 30 day one of my own to compliment it, so every moment matters! XD

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Can confirm this is DEFINITELY a bug. I own and also use Xpadder which allows me to customise personal keybinds for equipment wheel faster. Using this I was able to confirm the controller IS FUNCTIONING however warframe tends to not pickup the keys pressed. I will now in fact prove what I am saying with a screen caputre of xpadder showing the keys being pressed but me not being able to aim ingame.  


Here is a screen capture with annotations explaining what is happening I am tabbed into game and xpadder is picking up the LT is indeed working. The game however does not recieve or translate this information SOMETIMES. I say sometimes because I'd estimate this happens maybe 20% of the time to both LT and RT. which means theres a chance you wont fire your gun or chance you wont aim glide. furthermore I also believe this ONLY applies to guns as I switch to melee and use RT for melee also via an option in the settings ingame and melee in my experience is fine... its only I THINK when a weapon is drawn. or aim gliding.


This bug surfaced around the time of the release of Tennolive relay give or take 12 hours. So something in a hotfix or update around that patch broke controller support for the game.


Now for the workaround. What I have done is used xpadder to be able to play properly again by keybinding LT and RT to the represented button on the mouse as shown here below



I hope this helps DE crush the bug and help controller players play as intended once again.

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